Photo Credit: relux. via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: relux. via Compfight cc

Whether you’re looking to clean out the garage or attic, hoping to sell a valuable item or collection or trying to unload an estate, turning your old stuff into cash can be a frustrating, time-consuming burden.

Let Adam’s Auctions simplify the process for you!

We’ll buy your individual items, collections or an entire estate lot, so you don’t have to wait months — or sometimes years — to unload your stuff and receive cash.

We seek out collectibles and specialize in items from the 1970′s and earlier, but we’re happy to look at anything.

Among the items we look for are:



Comic Books

Dolls & Action Figures


Foreign Collectibles

Home Decor

Hot Wheels

Jewelry & Watches

Household Items

Military Items

Rare or hard-to-find items

Silver & Gold

Sports Cards & Collections


Vintage Cameras

Vintage Furniture

Vintage Signs

Vinyl Records

We offer free consultation meetings, with no obligation and no strings attached.

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